Hello there,

You probably wonder how you ended up in this situation.

Well give me time, and I'll explain!

This domain consolidates my network activities.

chaos (n): (1) The state of disorder and confusion. Ravage! Bedlam! Havoc! Pandemonium! (2) The polar opposite of order. (3) A state of reality in which one's reality is not under control, i.e. anarchy. (4) The perfect fusion of good and evil, Light and Darkness, Yin and Yang. It is these things, yet it is not, and greater than both. (5) In math and physics, the usual state of non-linear, dynamic systems.

Chaot (n, German): (1) In everyday life, a person which lacks organizational skills and fails to order his affairs. (2) In politics, derogatory word for pseudo-anarchists who favor state intervention (see logical fallacy). (3) me.